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Interested in improving your golf technique, swing, chipping, putting, and all-around golf game? While many learn the game of golf naturally, those serious about improving in golf seek golf lessons and train alongside a teacher who knows golf technique and strategies.


Currently, the Shady Rest Golf Club is not offering golf lessons for the 2021 calendar season. We intend to offer these services for the youth during events this year and for adults starting in our 2022 season.

However, if you are interested in golf lessons feel free to book with one of our golf professionals, who offer golf lessons as a consultant. You can book lessons using this link.

Golf Club Members: See below to redeem your (1) free golf lesson

Shady Rest Golf Club Members

Redeem your free golf lesson!

2021 Golf Season

SRGC Members - use the calendar below to book your (1) one hour free golf lesson that you received as part of your SRGC membership. We will contact you with additional information once we receive the appointment confirmation.

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